Is watching subbed anime “pretentious”?

Yesterday I stopped by a friend’s house to pick up a book and drop off copies of Read or Die, Mezzo Forte and Pani Poni Dash for her teenage daughter. The anime delivery prompted a question from my friend, whom I will simply refer to as M from here on out. M‘s question was, “When you watch anime, do you watch it dubbed, or subbed?” My answer was this: I tend to watch about 99% of anime in subbed format. Continue reading

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This is me, blogging again.

Yeah, I’ve decided to start blogging again. Don’t expect anything regular; I’ll just be posting about movies, video games, my shitty taste in music…. things like that. Later!

I posted this video just to test the video capabilities of the blogging software. The good news is, it looks like I don’t need to go scrounging for any plugins at the moment.

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